Frequently Asked Questions

Super Spoofer Assistance

0xSFR24XBX (Failed to block Xbox live presences)
  1. Go to file explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  2. See if you have a file named hosts
  3. If you do see the file then delete it and create a new file called “hosts” with no extension
  4. If you do not see the file then create a new file called “hosts” with no extension

Your “hosts” file must not have an extension for example “hosts.txt” to make sure it has no extension on file explorer click “View” and navigate to “Show” and check “File name extensions”


0xSFR24DOWN (Failed to download external drivers) | 0xSFR24RUN (Failed to map external drivers)
  • Virus & Threat Protection
    The main cause is that virus and threat protection is enabled you can disable this in virus and threat protection settings. Please note that normally only Real-time protection blocks our application but is safer to turn them all off so there is no interference. You can re-enable once spoofed.

To get to virus and threat protection settings: Click Windows -> Search “Virus & threat protection” -> Click “Manage settings” below “Virus & threat protection settings”


Security Updates

One cause of 0xVUNDRV is recent security updates, you must uninstall these.



Virtualization must be enabled on your PC for our spoofer to work.

How to check if Virtualization enabled?
Go to Task Manager, click on CPU and look for Virtualization if it is enabled, then you can skip this repair. If it is disabled look below on how to enable this.

Video for Windows 10:
Video for Windows 11:

Core isolation must be disabled.

To disable core isolation, press windows search and search for “Core isolation” then click on it and disable all the options.


Make sure both options are turned off, if you do not see Core isolation your Windows may be corrupted.

VanGuard & FaceIT

VanGuard and FaceIT anticheats, may interfere with spoofing process, so please use Download Fixes and use the Disable RiotGames BAT file to disable VanGuard.