Phantom X GTA5 Menu Assistance

Is there a website for Phantom-X?

Phantom-X and their development team do not have a current website for users to redeem their keys on. The method they employ for customers to access their products is a bit unique and unorthodox, nevertheless we are still here to help.

However, you can still check the availability of the product (such as downtime, or other related information) on this website here:

I've received the loader/launcher after purchasing. How do I open it now?

Step 1: To download the loader go to this link:

Step 2: Extract the loader using 7zip or Winrar (If you don’t have anyone of these programs, please download one of them from the links below).

How do I inject the menu into my game?

  • To ensure the menu will inject correctly you need to follow these steps first:

Step 1: Inside window security, head to (virus & threat protection) to manage settings underneath virus and & threat protection settings. Once inside make sure to toggle off everything within the category. It’s important to turn off any type of anti-virus program, whether its windows or some other third party software, as it prevents the mod menu from launching within the game.

Step 2: Now inside windows security go to (firewall & network protection). Click on the network that says active next to it and turn it off completely.

Step 3: Run the mod menu loader as an administrator.

Step 4: The loader will ask you to enter in the login information that you received after purchasing from, which would be your username and password information (the key’s username & password information).

Step 5: Launch GTA 5 in windowed or in borderless windowed mode with the “pause game on focus loss” option being turned off in the graphics section of GTA’s settings.

Step 6: Make sure to go into story mode.

Step 7: On the Phantom-X loader, press the inject button.

Step 8: The menu will welcome you once it has been injected.

How do I use the menu once I enter the game?

Step 1: To open the menu press the F5 key.

Step 2: To navigate up use Numpad 8.

Step 3: To navigate down use Numpad 2.

Step 4: To go back in the menu use Numpad 0.

Step 5: To confirm your selection use Numpad 5.

Step 6: To navigate left on the menu use Numpad 4.

Step 7: To navigate right on the menu use Numpad 6.

  • Note:
    If you don’t have a numpad, search on the windows search bar (on-screen keyboard). Inside it, press the options button and enable the 3rd option (numeric keypad). After that, head back to the game and visit the Phantom-X mod menu. Go to settings feature and change the navigation mode from numpad to arrows.

It says my "HWID" is invalid. What can I do to fix this?

Phantom-X is connected to the hardware and operating system’s configuration. This is so called HWID. HWID binding is a security measure against unauthorized 3rd-persons usage which Phantom-X does not allow the joint use thereof. Only 1 computer per each login session.

PX supports HWID rebinding. Certain times since the last binding should be observed:

  • For “Standard” PX: It should pass by after 72 hours (3 days) from the moment of the last binding (login). Only after that it would be possible to reconnect to another computer.

  • For “Premium” and “Deluxe” PX : It should pass by after 48 hours (2 days) from the moment of the last binding (login).

When you start Phantom-X from a new PC / from a new configuration, Phantom-X will warn about HWID error (HWID doesn’t match). From there, it will offer to press Num 9 on the keypad in order to reset HWID binding:

  • If everything is going well, after clicking Num9 Phantom-X will notify you that you need to restart the game.

  • If the certain time since the last binding (login) has not passed yet, Phantom-X will notify you that you could reset only once every 3 days.

Premium users can only wait 2 days. In this case Phantom-X will also show an accurate date (including the time) of the last HWID reset.

The menu is giving me a "invalid license" command. What could that mean?

This error could possibly refer to the fact that you did not pay for the Phantom-X update after the global game patch (for premium users only). We suggest you:

Invalid License (Data2/Logpass). This error means that you made a mistake during the PX installation:

  • You have placed “PhantomFiles” folder incorrect;
  • You have filled “auth.ini” incorrect;
  • You have changed name of “auth.ini” file.
  • Look at steps 4 and 5 in PX installation Guide

Refer to steps 4 and 5 in the Phantom-X installation guide for information on solving these concerns. You can find the link to the guide here:


  • Each new GTA update, Phantom-X always updates their software to ensure it stays compatible with the new system. After every update, Premium users are expected to re-purchase their license key after every update. This however, is not a requirement for Deluxe users, who reap from the benefits of only having to pay a one time fee to receive constant updates.

The launcher/loader is crashing after I inject it into my game. Any help please?

If your launcher/loader is crashing the moment after injection, this could potentially mean your injector is either facing some type of corruption, is being blocked or has been outright deleted.

  • Add C:\PhantomFiles\ as Antivirus exclusion.

  • Restart the launcher and download all available updates.

  • Note:
    If you use Norton antivirus software, we recommend you to switch to Kaspersky or Malwarebytes.

"Error set security code" is the message my menu is giving me. What does that mean?

This notification doesn’t have any meaning. It usually follows after the main notification about a specific error. If you see this notification, that means you have missed the main notification. You need to restart the game and Phantom-X and check for further notifications more attentively.

"Error, failed to inject image." How can I solve this?

If you receive that error, it is caused by missing or broken runtimes. We suggest the following:

  • Run all the setups and install missing runtimes (and repair existing ones).
  • Restart your PC.

"Error, example.dll is not a valid PE image." What would this be referring too?

This problem is occuring due to your PX.dll file is either corrupted or blocked. We suggest the following to solve this:

Step 1: Add C://PhantomFiles/ as Antivirus exclusion.

Step 2: Delete the Miscellaneous Folder at C:/PhantomFiles.

Step 3: Restart the Launcher and download all updates


  • Windows Defender is an Antivirus Software as well
    If you use Norton antivirus software, we recommend you to switch to Kaspersky or Malwarebytes.

"Update Stuck at 2/32 Download PE.exe"

  • Force kill your launcher with TaskManager.
  • Navigate to C:\PhantomFiles\Miscallenous\pData\ and delete the pl.exe
  • Now start the launcher and download the update.

Cant delete the pl.exe 'error opened in another program? Search for the pl.exe in the task manager and task kill it. Attempt to try again after this has been completed.

Dont have the pl.exe?

  • Your antivirus deleted it, add C://Phantomfiles/ as exclusion.

Phantom-X keeps on crashing randomly, how can I solve this?

Step 1: Delete all current runtimes and install them again.

Step 2: Verify your GTA Files through Socialclublauncher/Epicgames launcher/steam.

Step 3: Add C://PhantomFiles as antivirus exclusions.

Step 4: Navigate to C://PhantomFiles/ and delete all files except auth.ini

Step 5: Start the PXLauncher and install updates.

  • This didn’t work, what else can I try?
    Step 1: Reinstall your whole GTA.

Step 2: If this doesn’t work, then attempt a fresh windows installation.

"Error Empty Response From Server (Error 5)"

This problem occurs, because PX cannot receive a response from its server when you try to log on. To solve this problem, try the following:

Step 1: Try to restart your network hardware (modem/router) and your computer.

Step 2: Should you use a VPN, try to switch the servers/vpn provider.

  • It still didn’t help, what now?
    Step 1: Delete the file “hosts” from your system and restart your PC. After restarting, this file will appear with default settings.

Step 2: Go to settings of your network hardware (modem/router). Search for network filtering parameters.

  • Note
    There you may find additional options for network filtering (for example, ASUS routers have an option for blocking off some websites).

  • Try resetting these parameters to default or disable additional options for network filtering.

  • In extreme cases you may try to reset all your router/modem settings to default.

Phantom-X injects successfully, but when I attempt to open the menu online it instantly closes. How can I fix this?

There is a so-called “key filling” in Phantom-X, which is why Phantom-X closes instantly after trying to open it by pressing F5.

  • The solution is to repetitively press the “Num0” key several times on the right square keyboard and try to reopen the menu.

Error from the archive is either in "UNKNOWN FORMAT" or "DAMAGED".


Step 1: Delete from your PC the current version of WinRar.

Step 2: Download from the official website ( and install the latest WinRar release.

Step 3: If the problem still exists, repeat Step 1 and download/install any analogue of WinRar.

The in-game chat disappears everytime I load into a session. What can I do?

“Disable phone notifications” or “Disable Phone” features on the Phantom-X menu can be the result of such problem. We recommend disabling it if you wish to access the chat feature.

There are incorrect symbols on my menu. What can I do to fix this?

Step 1: Make a click on the right mouse button on the console header. Go to settings/properties.

Step 2: Go to “Fonts” tab.

Step 3: Choose the “Consolas” font and apply it.

Phantom-X injects successfully, but it won't open even after pressing the menu key to open it.

This problem concerns your Social Club (SC) account. Sometimes some SC accounts may be “glitched” or something related to that situation, which causes Phantom-X to behave differently on different SC accounts but on the same PC.