Frequently Asked Questions

Fecurity Grazy-Zone Menu Assistance

System requirements

Windows requirements

  • System must be in UEFI BIOS mode, if you’re system isn’t in UEFI mode then you may need to reinstall windows.
  • Make sure you run the official builds of Windows.
    Windows 10 | Windows 11
    Windows Support Table
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Is this cheat easy to use?

Using this cheat should be easy even for beginners. To start with it, make sure you sign up on the cheat loader and then follow the part that explains how to use the cheat.

How do I disable Secure Boot?

Disabling secure boot can be done via the motherboard bios, each motherboard has a different bios UI, but you can simple search your bios model in google and search how to disable secure boot in the said motherboard model.

Here’s a common video tutorial but your motherboard’s bios UI may vary: Video tutorial

How do I fix the HyperV issue?

Enable an option in the bios called “virtualization”, this should fix hyperv issue.

Do I need to disable protections and anti-virus to use the cheat?

If you plan to use this cheat without any issues, you need to ensure that you turn off your anti-virus protection to avoid false positives. Also, make sure to enter your computer’s BIOS and turn off the secure boot feature.

If you’re just using the window defender then follow these steps to turn if off.

  • Go to settings and in ‘Privacy & Security’ select ‘Windows Security’
  • Select ‘Virus & threat protection’
  • Click on ‘Virus & threat protection settings’
  • Under ‘Real-time protection’ click the switch so it says ‘Off’
Can I play in fullscreen?

Yes, this cheat is made to work in fullscreen mode, so avoid using it in windowed or borderless mode unless you’re willing to encounter some errors.

My PC blue screened what to do?

If encountering this issue, ensure that you have followed all necessary steps, including disabling Safe Boot, TMP, and any active anti-virus protection. Additionally, to prevent false positives, ensure that Virtualization is disabled on Windows. Following these steps, restart your computer and proceed to run the client application to enjoy its functionality.

How do I open and close the menu?

Press the insert key on your keyboard labeled as INS.

How do I redeem key and install the menu?


  • Your system should not be modified by Win Tweaker or similar software.
  • Your system should not have any antivirus software installed.
  • Make sure secure boot is disabled on your system.

Step 1: Go here to download the cheat:

Step 2: Make sure you have turned off windows defender and any other antivirus software you have before downloading the files.
Step 3: Download the files for your processor, and run the launcher and enter the key when prompted.
Step 4: Your PC will reboot automatically, please DO NOT manually restart it as this may break your bootloader.
Step 5: After your PC has rebooted launch Gray-Zone Warfare and it will automatically inject!
Step 6: Have fun!