Eulen FiveM Menu Assistance

How can I register/redeem my purchased key?

Step 1: After purchasing your key, head to the launcher’s link and click the download button:

Step 2: After downloading the launcher, open the program and click on the register button.

Step 3: Create a username, password and fill in all other credentials the system requires you to fulfill.

Step 4: Once you’ve registered an account, login with the credentials you just created into the launcher. From there it’ll ask you to activate your key.

I'm encountering some .dll issues with my menu, how can I solve this?

This is not a rare occurrence, but luckily there is a fix. Eulen’s mod menu support team recommend all customers to install:

To help solve their .dll issues and to prevent further encounters when handling this issue.

I need to reset my hardware ID for my menu, how can I do this?

We recommend downloading discord and opening a ticket within their server, and reaching out to them with your request. Please remember to provide them the following:

  • Proof of Payment
  • License Key
  • Discord User ID.

You can find their discord server for HWID-related issues here: