Frequently Asked Questions

TZX Fivem Menu Assistance

Is it a DLL file or EXE?

It’s an EXE file.

Do I need a Lua executor?


Can I share my license?


What windows versions does TZX supports?

Both Windows 10 and 11.

Does TZX work on all FiveM versions?

Yes, 1604, 2060, 2189, 2372, 2545, 2612 & 2699

Is the TZX is stream proof?

Yes, it is on all recording softwares.

Does TZX work on cloud pc (VM)?


Can I use reshade and enb with TZX?

Yes you can use them without any problem.

Does TZX bypass powerful anti cheats?

Yes we bypass fiveguard / waveshild without any problem.

Is TZX external or internal?

It’s External.

Does TZX work on pure mode?

Yes works on all pure mode versions (0-1-2-3-4) just you have to make fivem shortcut.

I don't see the TZX login pop up, what should I do?
I get Hwid invalid / Seed invalid error, what should I do?

New pc or component are detected so you need open an ticket on TZX discord server.

I get crashed, how to fix?

To fix this crashing issue please follow these instructions:
Crash Type 1

  1. [Uninstall TZX]
    -Go to Fivem -> Application Data -> Plugins -> Delete d3d10.DLL / dxgi.dll / d3d11.dll
  2. [Start Fivem]
    -Start Fivem -> Join a server -> Open GTA settings and change from “Fullscreen Exclusive” to either “Fullscreen” or “Windowed”
  3. [Reinstall TZX]
    -Reinstall TZX by running installer and start Fivem again.

Crash Type 2
FiveM has stopped working crash fix:
Go to plugins -> rename dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll