Rebound GTA5 Menu Assistance

Website Info

This is the official rebound website:

How do I redeem my key after purchasing?

Head to:

And create an account on their website. Make sure to save your login credentials, and to ensure you have them memorized as well. You’ll need them later.

How do I download the launcher/loader?

Step 1: Download the loader from this link:

Step 2: Extract the loader using 7zip or Winrar (If you don’t have anyone of these programs, please download one of them from the links below).

How do I inject the mod menu into my game?

To ensure the menu will inject correctly you need to follow these steps first:

Step 1: Inside window security, head to (virus & threat protection) to manage settings underneath virus and & threat protection settings. Once inside make sure to toggle off everything within the category. It’s important to turn off any type of anti-virus program, whether its windows or some other third party software, as it prevents the mod menu from launching within the game.

Step 2: Now inside windows security go to (firewall & network protection). Click on the network that says active next to it and turn it off completely.

Step 3: Run the mod menu loader as an administrator.

Step 4: Go to the activation panel tab on the loader.

Step 5: Enter your forum credentials and put your purchased key into the (Rebound Key) section.

Step 6: Press the activate button.

Step 7: Once it has been successfully redeemed, login into the loader on the (Login Panel).

Step 8: After putting your forum credentials, click on (GTA V) and log in.

Step 9: Choose your product in the (Products Panel) which would either be [GTA Premium] or [GTA VIP] depending on the key you purchased. Make sure it matches the subscription you bought, otherwise your key becomes invalid and will not work.

Step 10: Launch GTA 5 in windowed or windowed borderless mode with pause game on focus loss being turned off in the game settings graphics section.

Step 11: Go into story mode, then on the rebound loader press LOAD in the (Products Panel) section to inject your cheat.

Step 12: Once the mod menu has been injected, you will be greeted with a welcome message.

How do I use the menu once I inject it into my game?

Step 1: To open the mod menu press the F4 key.

Step 2: To navigate in the mod menu use your arrow keys.

Step 3: To go back in the menu press the BACKSPACE key.

Step 4: To confirm your selection in the mod menu press the ENTER key.

I'm having an issue after injecting, even after following the steps. Please help!

If you are having an issue injecting after following the appropriate steps above, please download visual studio redistributable at this link:

After downloading and installing, please restart your pc for it to work!

My key has stated that it's invalid in my attempt to redeem it. What can I do?

It was either probably invalid, hasn’t been pasted correctly or has already been taken/claimed by another user. Try opening a ticket in our live chat support feed or through our contact support icon on the top section of our website for further assistance.

I'm having an issue with finding a full GTA online session. What can I do about this?

Can’t find a full session? Head to network settings, then go info spoofer and enable it for your region. Click onto streamer mode and click “find new session” and you should be able to load into full games now!

My game keeps on crashing no matter what! Please help, what can I do to fix this?!

Follow these steps below to try and correct the current error you’re currently facing with:

Common Bug/Crash fixes:

  1. Reinstall rebound (delete documents folder, delete loader).
  2. Make sure your antivirus is off / rebound services are excluded (or both to be sure).
  3. Make sure your game is windowed/borderless.
  4. Make sure your graphics drivers are fully up to date.
  5. Make sure you run direct x 10 (Seen this as a fix before for some).
  6. Make sure you run the rebound loader as admin.
  7. Make sure you load into single player first, and then press load on the rebound loader .


  • If crashing into online, load into single player, disable all spoofs and protections including
    defaults, then load online.
  1. Make sure you have the latest C++ redist files installed.
  2. Make sure you aren’t carrying too many resources with rebound. (Could be too many vehicles, could be too many people in overseer etc).
  3. Make sure you have no overlays (steam, discord etc).
  4. Make sure your windows username has no special characters in it.
  5. Close every application not needed to run gta.
  6. Make sure you don’t use any external mods for gta, could be graphics mods/other mods in the gta directory.
  7. Reverify game files.
  8. Reinstall gta/rebound.


  • If somebody cannot sprint or take his gun out, we recommend to commit suicide within the game.

How do I reset my HWID ID?

To reset a user’s HWID, login via the loader then head to the User Panel. Click Reset HWID, and you should be set.


  • Abuse of this feature will result in an account ban.

The game doesn't seem to open for me whenever I launch/inject Rebound. Please help?

Try opening the game without the menu. If it opens fine without the menu, delete all the rebound files and reinstall. If that doesn’t work, verify game files for GTA5.


  • Make sure either virus protection is off or they set the folder for rebound as an exception.

My game freezes when rebound says "hooking process finished." What can I do to avoid this?

Try injecting using the exact following steps:

Step 1: Start up the loader and sign in.
Step 2: Start up GTAV and wait until the main menu shows up. (Do not load into Story Mode/Online yet)
Step 3: Alt+Tab and go to the loader, select your menu version and click “Load”.
Step 4: Wait for the console to show up and it should say “Pointers initialized” and “Waiting for the game to load”.
Step 5: Go back into GTAV and go into Story Mode.
Step 6: Be patient and wait until the menu loads.

Enjoy Rebound!

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