2Take1 Menu

2Take1 Menu


40 Days VIP


25.00 USD

Warranty is void after 24 hours. Any issues pertaining to the purchase of this product, or any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via our live chat support feed.

Product Description

With a long standing reputation, and a notably stable and safe menu, the 2Take1 menu is here. Featuring a custom LUA script executor, which provides custom protection capabilities, 2Take1has limitless features and protections possibilities. 2Take1 is a menu for beginners looking for a one time purchase menu, or for advanced modders looking for something to completely change the game. Being safe, and available for now over a three years, the 2Take1 mod is a guaranteed fun, safe and playable experience. 2Take1 VIP includes more features such as sending griefer Jesus to players.