Why is my game crashing at the CS:GO loading screen?

We recommend you enabling multicore rendering in CS:GO graphics settings. This video should help give you a more visual explanation on the issue:

Why is the cheat not injecting after CS:GO is opened?

Usually it’s due too anti-virus defense systems blocking proper injection and installation of the cheat. That or your window defender isn’t completely off either. We recommend turning off such features.

Should these solutions still not be enough to solve this problem, we recommend joining our discord server and raising a ticket so that we may help you, or speak to one of our live-chat agents on our website.

Why am I experiencing low FPS when I have the cheat injected?

There is a multitude of reasons as to why FPS issues are occuring, however the most common solution to many FPS problems have been explained by our friends over in Vanity. Check out this thread below:

Why does the menu blur look pixelated or not work at all?

Again, there are a multitude of reasons as to why this is occuring. We recommed you set mutlisampling anti-aliasing mode to none, and then proceed back into the game to see if the issue has been solved. The link below is a visual explanation to the solution we provided above:

If it has not been solved, feel free to speak to our support agents for further assistance.

Why is the ESP not working correctly?

To solve this issue, please set:

  • cl_showfps to 0

Why is the cheat not working?

In order to use the cheat properly, you need to download certain files to help run the game: