The file is not opening after extraction?

This is due to your anti-virus blocking the opening of the file. Please make sure to disable it fully before re-injecting or extracting the file once again.

The cheat doesn't seem to be injecting, why could that be?

Ensure that the discord overlay feature is enabled before injecting the cheat onto your session. This is one of the main reasons preventing the cheat from fully injecting.

I am getting bluescreened (BSOD) when trying to inject, why is this occuring?

Make sure discord overlay is enabled due to how the cheat injects into valorant.

Once again, this is related to the discord overlay feature being disabled. It’s important to avoid future BSOD (bluescreen issues) by enabling discord overlay onto your game.

None of the features on the menu are working, why could that be?

Once you have set all your options make sure to press F7 on your keyboard to refresh all the settings in the game.

What is aimbot speed?

Aimbot speed determines how fast the aimbot will flick to the hitbox you have selected. The lower the speed the faster it will be when aiming and shooting.