Website Info

This is the menu’s main website:

Click on this link to register an account:

How do I register my key?

Copy your key that you’ve received from Paste it inside the (Enter Token) section and then click on redeem. This can be done at this link:

How do I download the launcher/loader?

Step 1: After redeeming your token, refresh the page and you should see a (Download Launcher) button on the left side of the screen. Click on the button to download the loader.

Step 2: Extract the loader using 7zip or Winrar (If you don’t have anyone of these programs, please download one of them from the links below).

How do I inject the mod menu into my game?

To ensure the menu will inject correctly you need to follow these steps first:

Step 1: Inside window security, head to (virus & threat protection) to manage settings underneath virus and & threat protection settings. Once inside make sure to toggle off everything within the category. It’s important to turn off any type of anti-virus program, whether its windows or some other third party software, as it prevents the mod menu from launching within the game.

Step 2: Now inside windows security go to (firewall & network protection). Click on the network that says active next to it and turn it off completely.

Step 3: Run the mod menu loader as an administrator.

Step 4: Put your website information into the loader and press ENTER key.

Step 5: Select GTA 5 by pressing 1 and hit enter on the cheat loader.

Step 6: Launch GTA 5 and head into story mode to complete the injection process.

How do I use the mod menu once I inject it into my game?

Step 1: To open the menu press the F4 key.

Step 2: To navigate in the menu use the arrow keys.

Step 3: To go back in the menu use the BACKSPACE key.

Step 4: To confirm your selection in the menu use the ENTER key.

I have saved an option and every time I inject, it keeps crashing my game! What do I do?

Delete the North folder located at:

C:\Users(PC NAME)\Documents\North<

North keeps scrolling constantly without me touching my keyboard. Help me, what can I do!?

In this case, this mostly occurs when trying to connect a controller. Please attempt to turn on controller support in the menu when you plug in your controller.

My game keeps crashing immediately after I inject the menu into my game. Help!?

Crashing upon injection? Have all running anti-viruses off including Windows Defender.

To disable windows defender refer to:

Privacy & Security> Windows Security > Virus and Threat protection > Virus and threat protection settings > Real Time Protection Has to be Turned off.

Don’t forget to delete your current north folder before trying to re-inject again.

I keep crashing when attempting to join GTA Online mode. How can I solve this?

Crashing while joining online? Turn off all protections when joining a session. If that doesn’t seem to work, join a solo session first before joining a public one.

North Mod Menu is giving me a "failed to bypass error" message. Help?

"Failed to bypass error ". This one happens rarely, yet try and attempt to delete your current north folder which can be found in your documents folder.

I can't open the menu in my online session. What can I do to solve this?

Can’t seem to open north? The key to opening north is F4, but if that still doesn’t work check the console to see if the hooks are hooked properly and working.

If that still doesn’t work, conduct the same procedure as described in the “failed to bypass erorr” FAQ section by attempting to delete your current north folder which can be found in your documents folder.

I forgot my password for my north credentials on their website. What can I do?

Forgot your password? The only way to reset your password at the current moment is by opening a ticket in the north discord server. This is more of a manual reset situation, and can only be handled by North representatives.

I redeemed my license but it says it's already been redeemed?

Refresh the page. If there’s a download launcher button on the left hand side, you’ve successfully redeemed your license key/token. If no download launcher button appeared, speak to our customer support agents, either through our live-chat feed or by joining our discord server. You can join our discord server by pressing the contact support button on the top section of our website’s page.

Why is the launcher closing every time I open it?

This is a known issue with the current launcher. To fix it, open file explorer, then head into

  • C:Users\you\Documents\North.

There should be a file named Credentials.dat, delete it then open the launcher again.

Does North have any money options?

Yes. For money you can use Transaction Manager, Heist Control or money drops. Keep in mind there is always a risk when using money options, don’t abuse them.

How do I use the Transaction Manager?

Take transactions.json from transactions, then in file explorer, put it in:

  • Documents\North\Network.

After you’ve done that, go in-game and head to:

  • Network > Toolkit > Network Transactions > Load Transactions, click on any one of the transactions you want, and it should appear in Network Transactions. To use the transaction, click on it then press Replay Transaction or Loop Transaction.

Why can't I pick up money drops?

You need to turn off pickup processing protection in:

  • Protections > Miscellaneous

Can I give myself or my friends vehicles with North Mod Menu?

Gifting someone else a vehicle:

Step 1: Make sure the other person doesn’t have a personal vehicle out.

Step 2: Make sure the other person’s garage is completely full of free cars.

Step 3: Have the other person drive one of their free cars out of the garage then back in it.

Step 4: In North, go to Network > Players > player’s name > Spawner > Settings then turn on “Gift Vehicle”.

Step 5: Through the spawner in the player’s submenu, spawn them any vehicle they want.

Step 6: Have them drive the spawned vehicle into their full garage and replace the free car they drove out in step 3.

Step 7: Have the player drive to Los Santos Customs in the spawned car and buy insurance for it.

Step 8: Have the player switch sessions to make sure it saved.

Alternative Fixes for Crashing?

Step 1: Turn your anti virus off, North will not work if it’s on. If you have something like Norton or Avast, uninstall it.

Step 2: Injecting North while in online or while in the landing page before loading online will crash your game. Only inject while fully loaded into story mode.

Step 3: In GTA, go into the pause menu and go to Settings -> Graphics then switch your window mode to Fullscreen. North will not work if GTA is in windowed or windowed borderless mode.

Step 4: In file explorer, go to Documents and delete the folder labeled “North”. The next time you open North.exe it will redownload the folder.

Step 5: Delete North.exe from your computer then redownload it from here: