How do i spoof correctly for Valorant?

To make sure you have spoofed your HWID the correct way, please load the null mode and then randomize, which will guarantee the spoofer has worked correctly.

The spoofer does not seem to work on my computer?

There are three reasons this could be that can be the following:

  • Your motherboard does not support the spoofer,
  • Your antivirus is enabled,
  • You simply have not followed given instructions at purchase.

I am getting the following error: The code execution cannot be processed because **NAME.DLL** was not found, reinstalling the program may fix this program?

To fix this, please install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables. This can be found in the following link:

Why am I not being unbanned on the following game?

The following two responses for this issue are below:

  • You are not following the correct instructions that are given at purchase,
  • The motherboard you are using is not supported by our spoofer.

Why can I not run the file?

Make sure to have both, your firewall and antivirus disabled when opening it as this false flags antiviruses due to it changing your computer’s hardware information.