Website Info:

Visit this link to register your licensed key:

How can I redeem my key?

Copy the license code that you got from us and activate it in the “redeem dialogue” section at this link:

How do I download the loader/launcher?

To download the loader for your mod menu, click on the dialogue that says “download loader” at this link:

How do I inject the menu into my game?

  • To ensure the menu will inject correctly you need to follow these steps first:

Step 1: Inside window security, head to (virus & threat protection) to manage settings underneath virus and & threat protection settings. Once inside make sure to toggle off everything within the category. It’s important to turn off any type of anti-virus program, whether its windows or some other third party software, as it prevents the mod menu from launching within the game.

Step 2: Now inside windows security go to (firewall & network protection). Click on the network that says active next to it and turn it off completely.

Step 3: Run the mod menu loader as an administrator.

Step 4: Put your website information into the loader and press enter.

Step 5: Launch GTA 5 and go into story mode.

How do I use Circuit Mod Menu in my game?

Step 1: To open the mod menu press the INSERT key.

Step 2: To navigate through the menu, use the Arrow keys.

Step 3: To go back within the menu, use the BACKSPACE key.

Step 4: To confirm your selection in the menu, use the ENTER key.

The loader/launcher says my credentials are wrong, what should I do?

We recommend to delete the old loader/launcher, and to attempt to re-download the launcher/loader again from the circuit website.

My menu won't open cause I left my menu key-bind blank, what do I do to solve this?

Delete the circuit menu folder located at:

  • C:\Users(PC NAME)\Documents\Circuit

I'm having issues logging into my loader, what can I do?

Try attempting to reset your hardware ID (HWID) on the website. You could be facing a HWID issue.

If the issue still persists, attempt to delete:

  • login.ini<

within the circuit folder, and re-download the file once again. Re-launch the loader, and inject it into your game.

  • Ensure that there are also any zeros within your password credentials. Login credentials with the password containing a numerical 0, will cause the system to malfunction and thus your password would not function properly. Try changing your password to something without the number 0 within it.

I'm facing a black terminal fix, what do I do?

Please try and attempt to delete Circuit from your PC. After this is successfully accomplished, re-download the file and proceed with the same steps as before.

I'm receiving "authentication failure" messages. What does this mean, and how can I fix this?

Try and attempting a re-connection through the usage of a VPN. Delete the circuit folder from your computer and restart your PC/Device.

I accidentally inputted the wrong open key and now it wont open, help me!

Please attempt to run the following command once the menu is injected within your session:

  • Ctrl + -

Should this not work, please open a ticket and one of our support members should assist you.

How do I change the theme of my mod menu?

Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Paste the images of the theme you like in Documents > Circuit > Theme > Textures.

Step 2: Paste the configuration file of the the theme you like in Documents > Circuit > Theme.

Step 3: Load the theme using the menu at Settings > Theme loader > Select the theme you have pasted in the folder before > Load.

I'm experiencing crashing issues, what can I do to solve this?

Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Login to your account on the circuit website and check the account section to see if there are any logs that show “wrong hwid”.

Step 2: Launcher crashing? A “logs.txt” file will get generated. Proceed to check that, it’ll tell you which program to close.

  • In case of “DRD”, delete the bottom un-commented part of of the host file (can be found in: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc).

Step 3: Menu crashing? Check the auth.txt file located at C:\Circuit\auth.txt

Step 4: Make sure you write your username in lowercase when logging in.

I'm experiencing a camera lock within my game, what can I do?

You can attempt to delete any scripts or just the whole circuit file. You could proceed to locate such documents within the circuit folder, or delete it as a whole and re inject as your loader is in administrator mode.